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CANDILUX produziert und ver­treibt LED Hallenstrahler u. Industrie­be­leuchtung für ener­gieeffizientes Industrielicht, Maschinenausrüstung, QS Prüf­plätze, Logistik, Kühlhäuser, Parkplätze, Straßenbeleuchtung und ein perfektes LED Bürolicht!


LED SOLAR – Leading outdoor solar lighting

The lighting specialists have brought their expertise to solar. From parks to parking lots, bus stop areas, small roads to massive freeways, we have the quality solar lighting solution for any application.


Solar Street & Highway Lighting

Candilux solar street light meets the standard lighting requirements for public areas, while avoiding the cost of installation of standard grid-powered lights. By consuming no electricity and using smart power technology, our solar street light battery lasts longer and delivers a better lighting result. In fact, one full charge gives the battery a long autonomy.


Commercial Solar Parking Lot Light & Area lighting

Candilux all-in-one outdoor solar lights are an efficient way to drastically decrease electricity bills, and because they don’t require trenching and have low maintainance costs over time, they save you even more.


Bus stations

Candilux integrated solar bus stopp lighting increases safety for travellers in the dangerous area of bus stopps. The technology is highly protected against damage by human beings. Made in Germany.